One of the best things about this blog is getting to look back on what I was doing and thinking last month, last summer, or last year. It’s a lovely little sneak peek into the nooks and crannies of my mind that I’ve forgotten, neglected, or grown out of over time; I’m always hesitant to read back, because I tend toward perfectionism and am quick to embarrass, but I’m generally quite pleased at what I’ve turned out.

I love the documentation too, a reminder that I do, on occasion, leave the house and do cool things, even if it’s the same things over and over.

Take today- almost exactly a year ago and today, we went to the Friends of the SFPL Spring Booksale at Fort Mason. It’s only the 3rd one, can you believe it? Sometimes it can feel like you’ve missed all the great stuff-restaurants shuttering, exhibits closing, music scenes dying- so it’s nice to know I’ve been enjoying these sales right as they’ve happened. I snagged a handful of fiction, some sweet cook books, and a few project-bound books, all for under $3 each. I could have stayed for hours more perusing the tables, thank goodness for books!

Speaking of last year, is it weird to be envious of yourself? Because I am really missing this haircut of mine from last year, dirty hair and all; those bangs are killer. My sister cut off my dead ends a few weeks ago, and while I no longer hate it, it still feels a little too blunt and stick figure-y, if that makes any sense.

details: black destroyed scarf, thrifted; faux fur rabbit hat, ASOS; velvet purple jacket, thrifted; black quilted velvet vest, thrifted; gray sweater, American Eagle; white button down, Michael’s/ thrifted; black floral burnout jeans, Target; white oxfords, Shoemint Jaime.