inspirations & distractions… can you tell I’m waiting to hear back from a potential new job? In an effort to get my mind off the excruciating waiting period, I’ve been surfing the web, alighting both on quotes to get me through my doubts over my qualifications, and on various DIY projects I’d love to do once I find the time. You know, when I’m not so busy checking my email every half hour.


mmm, there’s nothing like a well-dressed man, especially a slightly nerdy one. my favorite might have to be David Tomlinson from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

The issue of the government getting involved in women’s right to choose really heats me up. Really, all I want is for the old, male Republicans to get some education, because everything I’ve heard them say about contraception (like, “she’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception”) implies an extreme lack of understanding of it and how it works. Like, they think it’s a pill we take every time we have intercourse, and not something that has to be taken over time in order to be effective, not only at preventing unwanted pregnancy, but also at providing relief from cramps, providing hormone therapy for various reasons, including removing cancerous cells, providing rape victims with a way out, etc. So ridiculous. On a slightly lighter note, Sluts Across America is a humorous, but powerful, project that’s aiming to redefine, or at least take back, the term “slut”.

So often I feel like a complete failure if I’m not happy, which in turn worsens the negativity, making me feel even more terrible at life.  If you’re dealing with grief, or, like me, just day to day woes, regrets, or other unhappiness, the quote found near the end of this post from Story of My Life will ring true. I’m writing wholeness versus happiness on my mirror as a daily reminder.

This heart ring DIY looks like a quick and easy way to expand my jewelry collection.

Is it just me, or is the blogverse getting a little over-saturated with the same three or so pairs of floral print jeans? I love the idea of them, but seeing the same $200+ pairs over and over is just not exciting. What is exciting? Making your own pair, via this tutorial from LoveMaegan.

I’m pretty obsessed with prom-esque rhinestones lately; this DIY inspiration by Bottica via a Pair and a Spare is a great mix of high and low style.

Beautiful women, delicious vegan dessert recipes. sounds a little dirty, but it’s really quite perfect.

Zooey deschanel makes this woman’s teeth hurt; I only wish I could have described my identical feelings so well myself.

These 10 things they don’t tell you at graduation are unfortunately pretty accurate. It does make me feel good that I’m in the 50% that didn’t end up living back with my parents! Hurray for silver linings.

Nylon’s picks for their favorite collar tips; love the idea for using clip-on earrings, via Sewing in Stilettos!

A LA Korean taco truck chef gives up meat, and consequently possibly his career. I sincerely hope Roy utilizes his newfound vegan morals and influence in the industry to add his unique perspective to the vegan community. It would be such a shame if he ended his career!

what a lovely t-shirt DIY from Wayward Daughter. now to find the perfect quote…

I’ve been experimenting lately with getting my straight hair to curl properly, and I’m looking forward to trying out this method from Orchid Grey.

A Glamour magazine survey finds that overweight women are seen as “sloppy”, and thin women as “mean”. not too surprising, but an interesting read.

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