Finally, I feel like I’m really having some luck with secondhand here in SF! It was such a slow beginning the first few months- I guess it always is- as I explored the various thrift stores around the city, stopping at a few estate and garage sales along the way. We filled our apartment with furniture necessities, and interior design sort of fell by the wayside. I was talking to a friend today who recently moved into an apartment in our neighborhood with his long time girlfriend; he’d lived with her in the past, but always with another/ other roommates, same as Michael and I, and he brought up the great point that it’s really hard to get a cohesive design scheme going when there are multiple personalities in play. Michael and my last place in Boston was full of our stuff, whereas now sometimes our apartment feels like it’s just full of just utilitarian things.

Our bedroom, though, finally feels like it’s coming together. It’s full of pieces we both love: lots of floral print, some Asian influences, all anchored by strong, imposing furniture, the kind that feels like it might just up and start talking and dancing, a lá Beauty and the Beast. It might be a little much, and I’d love to spread some it around the rest of the apartment once it’s just Michael and I, but for now, I love that it’s filling up. I’ve got the kind of mind that works best with a little mayhem (a clean desk gives me writer’s block, for example), and there’s nothing like an empty room to stress me out. Or, ugh, the kind that is full of, like, college-dorm-room furniture: all plastic, florescent, linoleum yuck.

Today was a day of real bounty; we had a great day of running to an estate sale (really a heap of old, broken furniture with some hidden gems) and to the Clement Street Goodwill, ending the evening with a game night with two of our favorite neighborhood couples. It’s the second Tuesday night in a row we’ve gotten together to play board games, and I’m really hoping it becomes a weekly thing. While open to games of all kinds, we’ve been getting into intricate role-playing games, like Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Super Munchkin. So nerdy of us- I love it.

details, above photos: large wood-framed mirror, “estate sale”, FREE; large painting, neighborhood garage sale, $3; large dresser (with expanded drawers we need to sand down), Richmond District Salvation Army, part of 4-piece-set that cost ~$450; floral, wooden slat floor mat, Richmond Goodwill, $15; floral trunk, Richmond Salvation Army, $1; floral armchair, Community Thrift in the Mission District, $45; grey Banana Republic loafers, Goodwill, $14; Silk paisley tunic shirt, Goodwill, $4.50; gold mirror, Goodwill, $18.50; red frond-y plant, Richmond Ross, part of a ~$5 potpourri set.


I appreciate the idea behind vegan shoes, but too often they end up kind of… bleck. These are anything but! I’m lusting after these booties, and these wedges, and these adorable flats.

I’m not sure if I agree with the title of this article on Thought Catalog (A Note on Lady Bloggers), because I think that this can apply to women in general, not just those who blog. It’s an interesting angle to come at the concept of society’s pre-conceived notions of gender; what a great reminder that we should all be free to be obnoxious and crass (and polite and creative and smart… anything) without gender coming into play.

The only tricky thing about my standard breakfast is that you can’t really take oatmeal on the go; these breakfast cookies, however, sound perfect for those days when I’m low on time.

Do you have a Pinterest account? I do, (L_W_H) but maybe not for much longer. This has been around the internet and back already, but it’s an important bit of information, especially for those of us who’ve grown up with the internet and have forgotten that the rules come into play much more often than we realize.

Are you familiar with bokeh photography? Here’s an easy tutorial for creating sweet, ethereal photos with a romantic bokeh effect.

There’s a new bidding site in town: Tophatter. It seems to be still getting itself off the ground, but I’m certainly going to keep my eye on the auctions.

Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma, a few ways to change up your basic olive oil routine; I love the idea of infusing it with flavor, and I’ll definitely have to experiment with using it in sweet dishes.

Is it just me, or is Google getting a bit freaky with its innovations? We’re certainly living in “the future” now.

Speaking of the future, guess what might be coming back? And on Broadway no less!

This is totally weird, but it is tricky to bread anything without an egg, and the only way I’ve ever known how to make french toast is just egg and milk. Does the Vegg have a place in your kitchen?

Why yes, I do need another site where I can spend hours internet window shopping; this one’s got some really fun, wild pieces, none of which are too expensive.

I like the idea of Shannon’s “27 before 27” bucket list post of sorts. With my own 24th coming up in a few months, this could be a great kick-in-the-pants list to get me going with some of my goals.

Isabel Sloane from Hipster Musings provides great insight on the past and future of fashion blogging; her article serves as a great reminder that bloggers can (and should!) be “a fresh alternative to mainstream fashion.”

What incredible artwork, especially coming from something so mundane. I love that she’s dedicated to creating art with unexpected mediums.

Don’t let the half naked man and woman on the first slide deter you from checking out this slideshow; I thought it actually had a number of good tips, ones I’m planning on utilizing once I get my butt back to the gym. Resume writing, blog posting, hand slicing, shelf stocking do not a gym rat make.

Blogs I’m Reading:

Ever So Lovely: In reading just a few of Brandi’s posts, I was hooked; I’ve been reading through her archives, and I don’t think I’ve seen a post yet I wasn’t utterly inspired by.

Vegan Crunk: Bianca’s got that kind of writing voice that makes you want to be her friend; her blogger photo of her stuffing her mouth with a delicious-looking donut doesn’t hurt either.

Wendy’s Lookbook: I really love Wendy’s outfits; she looks so pulled together, and yet her outfits seem accessible and wearable. It might be her smile, she’s got a pretty killer one.