It’s no secret around my house that once every few weeks, I settle down onto the couch and spend a significant amount of time watching upcoming movie trailers. I rarely go to the movies, and when I do, it’s often on accident and not to see a movie I actually want to see (case in point, last film I saw: Twilight’s Breaking Dawn, Part 1), but there is something so great about all the excitement of a feature length film crammed into a 2-minute clip. I sort of felt like the holiday film trailers this year were a little bit lackluster, though I suppose I can’t really say anything about the films themselves. Imagine my delight then, when this year’s most recent were anything but boring. Here are three trailers for films I’m looking forward to seeing:

Moonrise Kingdom:

Upside Down:

More info/ trailer here. I really tried to like Melancholia, but I just couldn’t get over how slow it was. This one looks a little edgier. I love that Kirsten Dunst is becoming indie sci-fi’s darling.

Snow White and the Huntsman versus Mirror Mirror:

This is technically two films, but as I can’t decide which one I’m looking forward to more, I’m including them both.

Oh K.Stew, how I love you. In my book, you can do no wrong. I certainly hope this movie was better to you than the Twilight movies, which seem to have sucked your soul a bit.

This version looks so fun; my concern is that it’ll try too hard, a lá the most recent Willy Wonka film- lots of show, little substance.

Some weekend links for your enjoyment:

Michael and I discovered this band playing over the speakers at a vintage store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If only they had a cd, I’d love to have this playing while I putter around the kitchen.

This feather and sequined skirt is going on my list of things to commission from michael and his new sewing machine; we’re both big dreamers when it comes to making clothes.

I’m still not sure what the hell I’m doing with my life, and this girl is CURING CANCER. It’s either inspiring or… the opposite.

This is the cutest keyboard ever.

These photographs are just so real; women are beautiful, especially the quirky ones.

The best humor is just this side of offensive, and this is just so true. You just try and not watch all the different versions of this; I bet you spend at least 10 minutes laughing over the vegans, the guys, the single girls, the gay guys, the broke people… all hilarious.

I could eat this on everything, for every meal, no problem.

a friend of mine from boston started a blog documenting all the “beautiful and awesome things” happening around her. it’s a great reminder that there are still nice people in the world, and that it’s not hard to be one yourself.

Number 5 on this list of organizational tools is such a great idea for the bathroom!

who hasn’t wanted to do a plié down an empty city street?

I sort of want to create this, and keep it up in my bedroom year-round.

very cute marriage proposal.

Some blogs I’ve been reading:

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